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Foothills ARTSociety and NCCC will co-host Castlebay

Foothills ARTSociety and NCCC are honored to co-host Castlebay.


Thursday, April 30th, 2015, 7:00p.m. at NCCC Malone Campus.

Ticket price: $10.00 at the door, limited seating with light refreshments.


Castlebay: Husband Fred and wife Julia from Maine have designed informative and entertaining programs which incorporate music and lore to reveal the history and symbolism of Beltain, as well as many other musical/story telling programs.


Beltain- May 1- also called May Day, marks the entrance of summer.  The Queen of May and her consort preside over

Beltain.  New life in all it's forms is a celebration, as is the sacred marriage assuring symbolically the fertility of animals and crops for the rest of the year.  The great fruitfullness of the earth and the exuberance of Spring are honored, beginning the night before, with a carefree sense of playful abandon.  Rising to greet the dawn, celebrants sing, gather flowers, and dance around the maypole.


A beautiful performance in period clothing,  and a lovingly handmade harp by Fred Gosbee, promises to uplift and charm all

who attend.

Be prepared to dance around a Maypole! (optional)