Foothills Artist Trivia Challenge


For a little fun, and a chance to win prizes, we will periodically be posting descriptions of artists (embedded with, hopefully, clever clues to their identity) on our website and Facebook page.

Submit your entry by email or private message us on our Facebook page.

( Please don't post your answers openly)

All correct entries will go into a drawing on the equinoxes and solstices of each year.  Though we ask that you only submit one entry per artist, there will be several artists each season, so keep watch so you can increase your chances of winning, as well as, increase your enjoyment of our site/page.


Drawing date March 20, 2017

The prize this quarter will be a $25 dollar gift certificate to

N orth of Adirondack Artist Gallery, on Main St, Malone. NY


Artist Challenge #1:

"From one perspective, we can all chalk it up to this artist who temporarily transports "the man on the street" into his expansive, anamorphic works of art. Be it a cave in London, or a waterfall in Moose Jaw, you won't believe your eyes!"