New Gallery In Malone!


Well, we finally did it!  We have a startup working gallery at 410 E. Main St. in the cellar of the LaShomb building.  We have a nice studio space which will have 4 x 8 panels that we will rent out to each artist who joins!!!!  We will basically run the organization as we did the gallery.  An initial fee to join of $100, a rent payment monthly of $30 and 20% of art work sales to be used for advertising and office expenses.  The $100 initial fee will be due with the signed rent agreement.  Installment payments can be made for the initial fee.  Rent payments will begin October 1st. 

Our grand opening will be on September 16th...the same day as the Malone sidewalk lots of people are on Main Street.  Please let us know if you wish to be a part of this adventure as soon as possible. We will set up an initial meeting at the beginning of the week to organize the artists interested in participating.

Please find attached an artist rental agreement and labeling for your first displays.  Your space is a 4 x 8 panel.